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Duct Armor West Texas

"Breathe Easy - Duct Armor Is Here"

Duct Armor West Texas serves all the Panhandle of Texas down to Abilene and Eastern New Mexico. This is a large territory so, Yes, we do travel to serve you.

Duct Armor West Texas does charge for the initial “Video Inspection” and “Written Report”.   After inspecting your system and determining it’s needs, a free “Restoration Proposal” will be emailed to you 3-5 days after the Inspection.   The emails will include: 1) a YouTube link to view the “Video” of your under slab a/c duct system, 2) a “Written Report” of the findings and recommendations concerning your under slab a/c duct system, 3) a free “Restoration Proposal Cost”, and 4) a receipt for your paid “Inspection”.   Inspections START at $225.00 and vary upward based on the size of your under slab duct system and your distance from Lubbock, Texas.   If you decide to have us “Restore” your under slab a/c ducting, the cost for your initial inspection will be credited to the job. During the initial inspection, if NO rust or deterioration is found, the inspection is FREE !

In our area of service we are finding significant damage to the cardboard sonotube that a/c contractors used under homes built between 1953 – 1985.  Soil moisture and subterranean termites are the causes.  Termites especially like to eat paper and will stay under ground feeding on the sonotube without ever coming above the slab to look for more!  We are finding rusted “galvanized” metal components also.  Soil moisture under homes is causing metal to rust and cardboard sonotube to culture mold, mildew and fungus.  As the homes a/c system cycles off and on, microscopic spores, bacteria, insect debris, rust and dust are blown into the interior living space causing and contributing to respiratory, allergy and asthma conditions for some people, especially children and stay-at-home Moms. Individuals with weakened or low functioning immune systems, especially the elderly, will likely experience respiratory distress symptoms due to unhealthy conditions inside the ducting.

This is why we ask the question, “How Healthy Is The Air In Your Home?”  Our answer, “Breathe Easy – Duct Armor Is Here”.   If you live in an older home with under slab a/c ducting and are suffering from respiratory complications, asthma or allergies, call us soon.  Finding and addressing the source of respiratory suffering is far better than continually treating the symptoms. Treating symptoms with prescription medicines can lead to antibiotic resistance.  Let us clean, coat, and prolong the remaining usable life your under slab a/c ducting AND help improve your respiratory health all at the same time with Duct Armor.

Duct Armor West Texas offers our customers their choice of a 10% or 8% or 3% discount off the “Restoration Proposal Cost” for your homes under slab a/c duct system – based on your selected method of payment as outlined in our service contract.

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Duct Armor West Texas

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Duct Armor® is a Rubberized Duct Liner making it Perfect for:

Underground Duct Work

Specifically designed to restore your deteriorating duct work to better than new condition.

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Mold Remediation

Eliminates and prevents mold and other bacteria from growing inside your air ducts without the use of poisons.

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Overhead Metal Duct Work

Seals air leaks and encapsulates dangerous fibers from breaking away and entering the air stream.

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Ducts Containing Asbestos

Rigorously tested and EPA compliant for safely encapsulating asbestos in ductwork.

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Allergen Reduction

Your ducts may be making you sick. Fully lined, clean air ducts will make a dramatic difference in your family’s health.

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Eliminating Smoke Odor

Completely eliminate any smoke odors in your ducting, even after duct cleaning and sanitizing have failed to do so.

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