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Duct Armor of Southern California

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Enviro Duct Seal Technologies, Inc.


• Air Duct Restoration – Overhead and Inground
• Asbestos Encapsulation
• Fiberglass Air Duct Remediation
• Mold & Bacteria Encapsulation

Duct Armor® is an environmentally safe water-based latex liquid used specifically for coating & lining air ducts in various stages of deterioration. When deterioration of air ducts occurs, particles such as dust, mold, fungus, asbestos, and fiberglass become airborne and breathable. Duct Armor® stops the deterioration and restores the ductwork to a clean state.
Over time, commercial insulated ductwork will begin to deteriorate simply due to age and constant air velocity over the surfaces. Insulated ductwork is extremely hard to clean and will harbor dangerous bacteria and mold. Duct Armor will fully encapsulate the surfaces, trapping harmful bacteria from being expelled into the air stream. The coating will also stabilize the existing insulation and maintain the necessary thermal value in the ductwork.
Encapsulation of the ductwork can be accomplished without demolition or removal of ductwork, keeping systems running and completely operational.
The types of ductwork that can be coated are:
• Overhead metal fiberglass lined commercial ductwork • In-slab ducting
• Galvanized metal
• Concrete
• Transite
• Asbestos
• PVC Lined ductwork • Sonotube
• Wood Framing
Our process involves an initial inspection which is recorded and provided with a comprehensive report of findings. We will do take-offs on plans and provide a proposal for the complete remediation and mitigation of existing conditions. Our team will also provide progress reports with photos and videos, communications in writing of any fire suppression equipment that may need servicing, and other other issues that need to be addressed. A final report with videos of completed work will be produced for close-out.


• Inspection of Ductwork
• Video and written report of findings
• Remediate damaged ductwork
– Repair damaged insulation prior to coating
– Protect all fire suppression equipment during coating process – Identify fire suppression equipment that may need servicing
• Bacteria and Mold Encapsulation
• Asbestos Encapsulation
• Rust Encapsulation to halt further deterioration
• Exhaust Shaft sealing for performance

Carol Coleman
(760) 505-4145
5077 Bella Collina St., Oceanside, CA 92056
Cage Code: 7GT49
NAICS Codes: 238220, 561790, 238990; 562910; 238320; 179902 Duns #: 018967621
California Contractors License #951124
Nevada Contractors License #0087002

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us!

I highly recommend this company as the are fast, efficient and very friendly.  Carol and her two sons were in and out in four hours after the initial consultation.  She cares about the customer and does a wonderful job!
J.A., San Diego, CA 5/12/2019

I can’t say enough good things about Carol.  She is highly professional, personable and responsive.  I needed a duct inspection in the Santa Ynez Valley on a day’s notice and Carol made it happen.  She has up-to-date equipment and she and her assistant, Karen, were efficient and effective. Everything from the first phone call to the prompt email report on the condition of my house’s ducts was impressive.  I absolutely recommend Carol and EDS without reservation.
Jonathan M.,  Santa Barbara, CA 4/19/2019

EDS worked with us to make sure the solution was exactly what we needed.  They priced reasonably, worked with our HVAC installation company to coordinate removal and replacement of the furnace and AC, and did a thorough, clean job.  Carol goes above and beyond (and apparently doesn’t sleep).  Bill and Seth came to do the seal and are just all around good guys that I feel I can trust.  They answered all my questions and I would highly recommend their services.  Enviro Duct Seal is the way to go!
Chris C.,  Hermosa Beach, CA 6/16/2014

I cannot speak highly enough about this company.  I recently bought a home in La Quinta and the metal duct system is underground.  It was rusting and letting dirt and other nasty things in which meant that’s what we would have been breathing.  It is absolutely amazing how this technology works and is a life saver!  Carol is one of the most professional business owners I have ever met – she really cares about doing a good job and came out to the desert with her team every time. You can imagine how tough it was to do this job – huge duct system and no ac on in the house, in the desert……..enough said.  I simply do not know what I would have done if I had not found out about this solution.  Everything looks so clean and new it’s unbelievable.  You absolutely must use this company – they are truly amazing.
Fawn A.,  Santa Ana, CA 7/22/2016






Duct Armor® is a Rubberized Duct Liner making it Perfect for:

Underground Duct Work

Specifically designed to restore your deteriorating duct work to better than new condition.

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Mold Remediation

Eliminates and prevents mold and other bacteria from growing inside your air ducts without the use of poisons.

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Overhead Metal Duct Work

Seals air leaks and encapsulates dangerous fibers from breaking away and entering the air stream.

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Ducts Containing Asbestos

Rigorously tested and EPA compliant for safely encapsulating asbestos in ductwork.

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Allergen Reduction

Your ducts may be making you sick. Fully lined, clean air ducts will make a dramatic difference in your family’s health.

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Eliminating Smoke Odor

Completely eliminate any smoke odors in your ducting, even after duct cleaning and sanitizing have failed to do so.

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