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Many overhead and in-ground commercial ductwork systems have fiberglass or asbestos lined sheet metal ducting. The liner is glued to the sheet metal at the factory and is next to impossible to remove. When the liner breaks down, fine particles of fiberglass or asbestos are disbursed throughout the air stream. This can cause serious health issues to employees.

Coating the inner liner on Duct Board will halt these fibers from being released into the air system. The coating can be done without deconstruction of the ceilings and walls and we have successfully completed many jobs for the private commercial sector, schools, as well as military and government buildings.

Duct Armor also seals the ducts, thereby eliminating air leaks. Sealing of the ducts reduces energy loss, resulting directly in lower energy bills. There are tax credits available in many cities for the sealing of air ducts.

Duct Armor successfully adheres to concrete, sheet metal, fiberglass, galvanized metal, Transite, wood and many other surfaces.

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